"Coco is helping me to create space and really focus on me and what I want to do. I love her approach and the time she offers me. Its authentic, and real. I like the tools she give me to really sink in in what I truly am. I love the spirituality and the objectivity…"
― Audrey L.

"Coco is a natural coach who cares deeply for her clients. With her guidance you will uncover possibility and turn possibility into reality."
― Em

"Tu es un modèle de force et de détermination pour moi."
― V.D.

"Thank you again for the wonderful class and chat, you are amazing and really inspiring."
― L. L.

"There’s so much for me to continue working on! I’m super grateful for the time you put in and knowledge passed on. You really are special, Coco and I feel blessed to have you in my life."
― M.K.

"Je voulais vraiment prendre quelques minutes pour te remercier pour les cours données au Yoga Fitness. Tu as vraiment une façon d’enseigner qui t’es propre et c’est rare de trouver un enseignant qui sait choisir les bons mots pour bien expliquer une posture, mais aussi l’état d’esprit et la respiration l’accompagnent, qui font partie du…"
― D.R.

"Wow je viens d’avoir mon premier massage Thaïlandais…c’est quelque chose…le monsieur est sur un petit nuage merci à Coco Finaldi, c’était magique."
― G.R.

"Thank you so much for today Coco… so so so much… I feel inspired and ready to walk this walk."
― Sierra TK

"I couldn’t have told you, when I hired Coco Finaldi as a private yoga instructor for my first pregnancy, that we would still be connected today. I’ve now known her both professionally and personally for over a decade now, and I’m grateful for her presence in my life. She’s taught me how to move, and…"
― Dana P.

"Coco I have been rereading all your documents you send me and I can tell you this. I have been taking notes of my feelings and planning for my future and I see a such a difference since I started working with you . You made me realize things about me that I didn’t know…"
― Y. A.

"Zero pain in my arm today. I’m going to call you Jesus."
― D. R.