My work, my approach, my philosophy…

Holistic is concerned with complete systems, it encompasses both the mind and the body and views humans and their environment as a single system.

In my many years of studies and training, I have accumulated many different techniques that support health and general wellness. I make use of various modalities to help support my clients on their journey toward healing and optimal health. My work and role is to educate, support, offer and model the practices that I share and ultimately live by and use or have used myself.

I think outside the box and love innovation. I also honour ancient methods and healing arts that have tried, tested and offer true healing potency.


My approach highly respects the self-healing principals of the human body and considers the person from a holistic point of view. I support and work with people who wish to move forward and instigate change in their bodies, in themselves and in their lives. My programs are crafted with great care and my approach is unique, authentic & effective.